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Video and Audio

There is howling or echoing when I speak. Or, I can hear my own voice from the speakers.

Check the following items.

  • Check the Audio settings of all LiveOn participating sites.
    If the audio settings of even one site are incorrect, you may get these problems.
  • Check whether the microphone being used in the LiveOn audio input device settings has been selected.
    LiveOn “Environment Settings” “Audio” Tab “Audio Input Devices”
  • If you are using a microphone with echo-canceller in WindowsXP and the LiveOn echo-canceller function is also checked, you may get these problems. Follow these procedures to remove the check from this item.
    LiveOn “Environment settings” “Audio” tab remove the check against “Echo Canceller”.
  • It may be that one of the other sites is generating an audio loop, causing your own voice to come back at you from the other site’s microphone.
    Try to find out which site is generating the audio loop and check the audio settings described above.
  • It may be that the speaker level at one of the other sites is set too high, and that the microphone is picking up the audio output from it.
    Identify the site and then adjust the microphone and speaker levels.