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Video and Audio

The audio signal has sound outs (gaps).

The following three are possible causes.

  • It may be that your communication bandwidth is being restricted on Internet or on the network. Have all sites go into “Environment Settings” and set lower values in “Frame Rate” and “Video Size” under “Environment Settings ”. This will lower the amount of data being transmitted and should help to reduce the number of sound outs.
  • You may be experiencing packet loss on the network. Please make sure to use a stable network environment.
  • If you are using a camera with a microphone attached, it may be that the microphone is on. Check the following two points.
  • Click on the “Environment Settings” icon in the LiveOn conference room main window to display the “Audio” tab.
    If the PC camera’s sound device has been selected under “Audio Input Devices”, click on the pull-down button and select the PC’s sound device and click “OK”.